Saturday, 2 October 2010

Heer by Waris Shah (English Translation)

heer says O monk! you tell lies

whom can unite seprated lovers

ive searched in vain but found none

who can bring back the departed

Folks! ranjha has called on teh mullah

write a letter to dear loved ones

let heaven and earth be burnt to ashes

ill write off my sorrow to all the world

i was robbed conned into herding the cattle

woman uve shattered the ideal of love

slayed the jutt with ur sharp degger eyes

how uve murdered the poor soul

all lovers claim more passion than the other

friends! such affairs r most perilious

heer's love is nothing new

the whole creation knew love before her

these affairs have made paupers of kings

wat lowely water carrier am i before them

waris shah! strange r the signs of times

strange indeed r the signs of love

such blunders has this town commited

o lord! burn it down

waris shah! heer of sials in wrath has put a curse

heer akhdi jogia jhooth bolen

kaun vichhrhe yaar milavandaee

ve aisa koi na milia main dhoond thakki

jehrha gian nu morh leavandaee

mian ranjhia mulla nu jaa ajj akhiaee

likho chitthi aaj sajna piarian nu

agg lavan main zameen nu asman phukan

likha dukhrha ajj kul jahan te sarian nu

mainu thagia maithon majhian chara laian

ranna torhiaee sach de tu tarian nu

naina tikhian katarian jutt katal kita

keha mariaee heerie vicharian nu

ishq ik te lakh karde yaaro

main sab to aukhian yarrian nee

keeta heer ne nahi nava ishq yaaro

ishq keeta hai khalkatan sarian nee

inna yaarian ne rajian fakir keete

asin kinna de haan paaniharian nee

waris shah hain jahan de chalan nyare

isse ishq dian dhajjan niarian nee

aida keher iss sheher valian

es sheher nu kadar agg lain

waris shah sialan di ja jatti

barhey gusse ditti bad duaee

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Devaki Khanna said...

Thanks for translating this passage. Can you recommend a good English translation of Heer Ranjha? Are you working on one?